The 3 sessions I have had with Deb have been really powerful and a real insight for me. They were all quite different to each other too which I did not expect. Although only 3 sessions I have been on quite a journey. I came to Deb not sure what I wanted to focus on for the sessions and she helped me hone in on what it was that was causing me uncomfortable feelings and playing most on my mind which was my business – and Deb was fantastic in helping me simplify the way I approach things even down to the sentence of what I wanted to gain from our work which was quite simply ‘to feel happier about my business’. 

I am in recovery and so feel very self aware and being in a 12 step programme I feel this he is a big help, I have also had lots of counselling as well as CBT therapy which I found really useful when I was in a deep depression and experiencing anxiety. However I found that Deb and her life coaching was something completely different. I did not feel rushed and Deb was so warm, patient and a great listener she really made me feel like she cared and it was clear she is passionate about helping people help themselves. I was able to find out so much about myself through the exerises Deb did with me and I was so surprised to find out what some of my core values and beliefs were and how easy it is to forget to reflect in life. I am so grateful to have been able to experience this with Deb and I am hoping to continue working with Deb as I have found the work we have done together so important and I can not believe how much I have implemented already as so much has landed on a subconscious level with regards to how I structure and approach my work. I can imagine I can use the tools Deb has introduced to me in so many other areas of my life too. Thank you Deb the work you do is so powerful and I can’t wait to do more work with you!