The 3 sessions I have had with Deb have been really powerful and a real insight for me. They were all quite different to each other too which I did not expect. Although only 3 sessions I have been on quite a journey. I came to Deb not sure what I wanted to focus on for the sessions and she helped me hone in on what it was that was causing me uncomfortable feelings and playing most on my mind which was my business – and Deb was fantastic in helping me simplify the way I approach things even down to the sentence of what I wanted to gain from our work which was quite simply ‘to feel happier about my business’.  (more…)


sueDeb’s coaching was really interesting as well as life-changing. Getting all those  jumbled thoughts down on paper through the various exercises provided clarity on what I wanted to do and made me realise there were so many more options. Deb’s positive and encouraging approach also helps you feel ‘ I can do this!’ Thank you Deb.”


CarlWhen I had my first session with Deb I was put at ease immediately, I needed help with confidence
I was asked to draw a pie chart with aspects of my life, a percentage by each of them of how good or bad .I found this helpful, also list contacts  to help me . After explaining various examples of problems ,and how I managed them . Deb assured me I had more confidence than I realised. I found the whole experience very helpful and informative




13230122_10209425474014542_6078804175486066750_nWhen I was first offered life coaching sessions with Debs I had very little knowledge of what to expect and I admit to being a little sceptical of the process!

During each session Debs always made me feel incredibly at ease and allowed me time to talk while she listened, and I looked forward to each session we had!

The goals that Debs enabled me to come up with focused on improving my confidence in order that I could find employment as a social worker in my chosen area. She encouraged me to focus on my ‘dream job’ and not to settle for something less than I want, and following my final session I attended an interview and was offered the post! Debs used activities that enabled me to realise my potential and that encouraged me to have confidence in my role.
I am now working in my ‘dream job’ and I  feel this is because of Debs’ Life Coaching sessions and the potential that she unleashed in me. Debs has said that I did all the hard work in fulfilling my goals but without her Life Coaching sessions I would not have been able to realise my potential and may well have lacked the confidence to believe I was capable of carrying out the role for which I applied.




Last year I lost my business and suffered from ill health. When I was feeling better, Deb very kindly offered me some coaching sessions.  Each session really helped me open my mind and clear all the debris out of the way (so to speak) and help me ‘repackage’ my thoughts from pessimistic to optimistic ones.This was usually via completing short exercises during each coaching session. By the end of each session I felt that I was going in the right direction, rather than feeling confused over what on earth I was going to do next. Deb also followed up our sessions with motivational emails and/or text messages, reminding me of how fabulous I am and will continue to be!

I am now much more clear regarding what I want to do with my life going forward, and I really must thank Deb for that. I will be forever grateful.


De26168964_10215058566318329_7608401943959145276_nbbie’s coaching was really helpful as a busy social worker I rarely take time to stop and evaluate my own life both personally and professionally. Debbie helped me to consider my goals and develop thoughts and actions to implement them. She was able to listen and understand and she was able to give me direction when I was struggling to find a solution myself.